Just you – The Mr & I (Part 1)

A ‘Treasure the dress’ shoot
So 3 weeks ago the Mr and I had a ‘Treasure the dress’ shoot, it all started when I contacted Funmi at FO Photography via Twitter, she suggested that it might be a fun thing to do. Although the Mr and I are unlikely candidates for this kind of thing we decided to take the plunge and do it anyway…and I’m glad we did!

Treasure the dress shoot - Just YouTreasure the dress shoot - Just You

I was surprised at how much fun the shoot was and how nice it was to spend quality time with the Mr. I know that sounds odd that it felt like this even when there were other people around but the shoot was a lovely opportunity to just focus on each other.

The Mr and I hadn’t looked at each other so intently since our wedding day and honeymoon. 6 months later we are completely still in our newlywed bubble, but even still when everyday life kicks in it’s funny how you forget to stop to take a minute to just look at each other.

I ‘see’ the Mr everyday but I’m not sure I really ‘look’ at him? Well I did plenty of it that day and you know what, it was bloody awesome! I suggested we do it every year on our anniversary…although I’m still waiting for a response on that one….lol!

Treasure the dress shoot - Just YouTreasure the dress shoot - Just You

Treasure the dress shoot - Just You

It was such a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning, and I would definitely recommend it to any newlywed couple.

Treasure the dress shoot - Just You

Funmi and Adrian, the husband and wife team behind FO photography worked their magic, and the shoot was styled by the super talented Jenna from Lucky Six Pence Events. More about the concept of the shoot in part 2 and you can view Funmi’s post here.

Photography – FO Photography
Styling – Lucky Six Pence Events
Necklace – Cabbages & Kings

Kick-ass bride

Kick-ass bride! Source: blackfashion.tumblr.com submitted by http://kuruptedkulture.tumblr.com/

I love this image, a bride completely doing it her way…